Funny enough? ?

If you think you are funny enough then share your jokes, memes or even PJs here!? Everyone loves a good laugh!!


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Aaditi Verma's Response to Funny enough? ?

Some PJs which i came across- 1) What's the opposite of "Dominoes"??? Think Think Think Think Think Tired of thinking??? Answer: Well the answer is "Domi doesn't know" 2) What is the opposite of "Pizza Hut" .... ... Answer: "Pizza.... Hutna mat" 3) What is a PJ ? Obviously "a poor joke" What is a (P + i J)? - A "complex poor joke" Why don't people laugh on a "complex poor joke" ? - B'coz the joke part of it is imaginary...!!! 4) A railway station beggar meets another beggar. A software engineer meets another software engineer. Both of them ask the same question to each other. What is the question? "So, which platform are you working on?"

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