There are a number of ways to do this, you can either send an invite to the website or you can send him/her an invite for the specific challenge.

The leaderboard is updated once everyday at a certain time, so don’t be too alarmed if we don’t immediately acknowledge your performances

This is fairly simple. In every page of the website, there is a menu bar. In the home category of the menu bar, there is a create button which can be used to create a challenge.

You can either search for a specific challenge or keyword on our specialised search bar, or you can also use our predefined categories from the category section. You can also find categorisation using the time and difficulty options.

Under the home category, you will find that there is a discover button that will help you find random challenges.

Plainly put, it’s probably because they aren’t trending with the users yet. Don’t lose hope though, with quality challenges you are bound to get there.

Currently, they are a status symbol for you on our website. The more the points, the more swagger you carry in our midst. They represent your valour and willingness to do what needs to be done. In the near future, however, we have plans to make exclusive and extensive use of these points, to benefit our users.

Every new challenge created garners 10 points,. Every completed challenge is graded based on: time taken, difficulty and the number of upvotes. **Challenge Points Create a public challenge -> 10 Create a personal challenge -> 10 Like -> 1 per like If a response is made for a challenge, the responder will get response points and the respective challenge creator will get challenge points in the order of difficulty: easy-> +1 medium-> +2 hard-> +3 time: seconds-> +1 minutes-> +2 hours-> +3 days-> +4 weeks-> +8 months-> +12 years-> +24 If a response is made for a personal challenge, the responder will get response points and the respective challenge creator will get challenge points of 10 Like -> 1 per like

Below every challenge, we provide the previous replies or answers submitted by other users so as to provide a reference for your answer. Or if you’d rather just be an audience, you are welcome to do.

On each player’s profile, there is an option to follow them. Get stalking.

There are many accolades to be won, they range for every milestone that you have with us. At Chalng.me, we believe in transparency over anything. If your over-achieving self wants to bag every accolade out there, here is a list of all the obtainable Badges and the pre-requisites for them: **Badges based on response points 10000 Daredevil 5000 Valorous Veteran 1000 Adroit Chalnger 500 Tenacious Trainee 100 Probationer 1 Apprentice **Badges based on challenge points 10000 Accomplished Grandmaster 5000 Passionate Proctor 1000 Besieger 500 Calculative Quizzer 100 Brainiac 1 Patron **Badges for following a certain number of people 1000 The Sly Shadow 500 The Hound 100 Pompous Pursuer 25 Passionate Paparazzi 1 Sneaky Surveiller **Badges for having a certain number of followers 1000 Superstar 500 Congenial Celebrity 100 Eminent Challenger 25 The Leading Light 1 Noticable Novice **Connecting with friends on social media Social Butterfly **For having more than 4 friends Friendly Flyer **Acceptance rate of more than 75% Johnny on the Spot **Sending the first private message on Chalng.me Talkative **Most active user for the day Supreme Sorcerer **Creating a trending challenge The Vogue **Consecutive days of logging in 3 in a row: Punctual Participant 7 in a row: Consistent Collaborator

Chalng.me takes a stand against plagiarism. We have a team working on constantly clearing or deleting plagiaristic challenges or answers. We sincerely hope that you will stand by us in this ethical mission. You could help us by checking whether an identical answer/challenge has already been submitted to us.

The pictures get stored on our databases, and the videos get uploaded to YouTube on our official channel so that you can always view them in the future if you wish.

We strongly encourage every user to fully update their profile with us. This includes your social media links, name, email id, gender and other basic information. The profile also includes an 'about' section that we randomly generate for every user. Users can feel free to edit this section to suit their needs.

These are options that make it compulsory for the responder to upload an image or video in order to respond to that challenge.

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