First crush❤

Its something pretty obvious that we all had a crush sometime So just share it The efforts you made to see just one glimpse of your crush


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priyalkhade's Response to First crush❤

YAAS I had my first crush when I was in 3rd. He was the cutest little boy in our batch (or so I thought). I was like this class topper and so was he but he used to not finish writing what the teacher taught and then deliberately come and ask me for my book and sit beside me. And you know when we had to copy down words, I was the one to write them words on the board and he used to let nobody else help me but him. He legit got in a fight once because some other guy volunteered to help me out. So eh all that cute stuff. But once we had this chess tournament and it was a like a mini faceoff between the both of us and I was so lost in his eyes that he won. THAT BITCH

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