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Neeraj Bhatt's Response to **Embarrassed**

there is YOUTH CLUB in our college which handles all the fest related work and inside this there are many other clubs like arts movie event hospitality and many more.. so when i was in the first year we had our interview for enterning the club.. i went for the event club. (that time i didn't knew this was the most bakchod club) so there were four of my seniors seating in front of me.. they asked me to propose the mam siting on the front seat.. (thrd yr) .. i was so scared but fullyy energetic. i reached to her and said.. mam i wanted to say something.. she said.. i am not able to hear you clearly... (because there were almost 30 40 students present in that classrom.. who all are there for interviews..) so she asked me to shout and make them silent. as soon as i shouted .. the whole class became pin drop silent but the problem was.. now all of them are watching me.. even the seniorss.. now she asked me.. yes, what were you saying...and that time.. i didn't knew what to say.. :P

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