Confessing To Your Crush Before New Year's Eve.

Us people have tiny crushes-- okay maybe a HUGE one. We just love how they look or act, that we could scream to a pillow fangirling/fanboying how cute they are. But have you wondered : Should I confess, or not? That is a huge question. The answer could be either "Yes" or "No" or "Maybe". Confessing to someone you really like does get the feeling out of your chest, but oh, the tissues if your crush rejected you. But at least you confessed! You don't have to worry about craving to touch his hair, hold his hand, or kiss his cheek. I challenge you, reader, to confess to him/her before 12:00 AM struck and fireworks come blowing out. Yes, I mean that you confess at 11:59 PM. Nervous, am I right? But like the game, "Undertale" said, "Stay determined!" you better stay determined. Look, I'm here for you if you're crying. I may not be the best living thing that gives advice, but at least I helped. Now go ahead and give your all! Happy New Year's Eve!


Challenge your friends!